What My Clients Are Saying

I just wanted to write this review for Clare as she has been amazing with my daughter.
During lockdown, my 14 year old daughter developed quite severe anxiety and when it came to going back to school, most days she couldn't even get through the school gates, let alone sit in any classes.
We had 4 sessions with Clare over the summer and since September, my daughter has been to school every day, and has sat through every lesson. We have just received her progress report and she has obtained As and Bs across all subjects.
We cannot thank you enough Clare. Not only do you provide incredible therapies tailored to suit your clients, but the relationship you built with Holly was just lovely.

Holly says "at the back of my mind I always know I can go and see Clare whenever I need to". She adores you.
I would seriously recommend Clare to anyone that is struggling - she has made such a tremendous difference to our lives, and more importantly to the life of my daughter.

We now have our bubbly, confident girl back. Thank you Clare xxx. JM

Where do I start! This lady, a total stranger helped me when health professionals weren’t interested even though I worked for some! They threw tablets & self help links at me & let me get on with it for nearly 2 years! I was dying inside & I wanted to end it all, in 4 sessions this wonderful lady helped me learn about how the mind works & showed me techniques to help me cope, I was sceptical but I was desperate & wanted help where none was forthcoming, Claire has such a soothing voice & a genuine desire to help how could I not give it a try!! 4 weeks later I honestly feel like a new person, the mind is a powerful thing & at 53 I didn’t know how on earth some of these techniques could help someone so desperate, well it did! Now there aren’t enough hours in the day to do what I want to do, my head is buzzing with exciting thoughts & projects for my future instead of futile nothingness! (If that’s even a word) I’m so thankful for her help & her genuine caring personality & I’m still in awe of the transformation she has instilled in me, friends for life ❤️. JE

Clare has helped me hugely over the past couple of months. I was very anxious which was worsened by COVID and having sessions with Clare has transformed this for me. She is fabulous and I loved every session and I continue to be amazed by the positive impact it has had on me day to day. I couldn’t recommend Clare enough!  SA

Thank you Clare for your magnificent healing voice. After only 3 hypnotherapy sessions I’ve felt more confident, less alone with my issues. I feel my issues have become dilute and paling into insignificance. I feel stronger with more hope. Your hypnotherapy has given me a deep inner strength that stays with me every day. I’m blown away by your passion and special healing gift - Thank you! CM

I highly recommend Clare - I had one of my worst migraines making me very sick while traveling back from Stockholm.  I was so grateful I was with Clare as I wouldn’t have managed getting on the aeroplane by myself! We had a two hour wait - Clare found me a quiet place to lie down. She then talked me through into a deep hypnotic state - her voice was so calming and clear - I felt so safe, relaxed, calm, at peace - blocking all the noise around me only hearing her words - she brought me round - my sick feeling had gone but still had a slight headache - Clare then gave me reiki healing - Clare really has healing hands I could feel the heat off her hands and I literally felt a heaviness rise out of my head - I awoke and I can honestly say my headache had disappeared !! I still felt very tired , however the next day I was full of energy! Normally I would have had a migraine for at least 3 days ! Thank you so much Clare you were really my healing Angel 😇 so lucky and grateful you were with me xx  H.W.

I’ve been scared of spiders since I can remember. I did try to be brave in front of my children but still managed to transmit that fear to them. After a pretty rough year, I decided to take control of one area of my life. I’ve never been hypnotised before and had no idea what to expect. It was a very pleasant experience! And, I believe it’s worked. I’m not saying I’d have a spider as a pet, but I now enter dusty rooms more boldly than I previously would have! I don’t hesitate to open dark cupboards. I don’t jump at the sight of one. Don’t get me wrong, seeing tarantulas on tv still makes my skin crawl, but the everyday ones no longer bother me. I totally recommend Clare if you’ve never tried hypnotherapy before. She’s an amazing, relaxing person. Can’t wait to go back for my next session! Thank you Clare! S.G.

I had three hypnotherapy sessions with Clare and she has helped me to get rid of a phobic reaction that I've had for years!! She was very professional, made me feel at ease and the whole experience was both relaxing and empowering. I can't recommend Clare enough.  E.D.

I really can't thank you enough.... 5 weeks without biting my nails... I'm amazed 😘 NR

I had a few sessions of hypnotherapy with Clare and felt very relaxed afterwards. Not only that but Clare is lovely and has given me lots of useful info and resources related to my health. Highly recommend.  L.D.

Highly recommend Clare for her wonderful way of blissfully allowing me to slip in to total relaxation. I felt amazing afterwards and immediately started feeling the benefits. Thank you Clare! C.M.

Clare has hypnotised me on a number of occasions. I was new to hypnotherapy and did not know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. Clare is gentle and reassuring in her approach and I easily dropped into a relaxed state. Clare had created a bespoke session suited to my needs and I have to say after the session I experienced the best nights sleep I had had in years. I will definitely use Clare again and can now see the possibilities of what Hypnotherapy can help with. H.P.

I have just finished my course of three sessions with Clare with amazing results - I was scared of spiders, constantly scanning the room just in case - not any more. Have been able to ignore them or deal with them - either way not bothered by them any more. Thank you Clare Copping - your sessions were priceless. K.G.

Clare is great! Would definitely recommend. She has such a positive attitude, and believes that you can change anything if you really want to. Clare has really helped me:) Thank you. L.H.

I would definitely recommend Clare - in one session I felt able to deal with situations that I would normally panic in. Can’t wait to complete my full course and see the full benefits. Thank you Clare! Xx S.C.

I recently underwent a hypnotherapy session with Clare.  Having never had hypnotherapy before, I was quite apprehensive.  I need not have worried, as Clare’s approach was calm and unhurried as she explained, in detail, how the session would proceed.  This served to relax and reassure me.  I felt that I was in a warm, comfortable environment which, together with Clare’s gentle voice, instilled confidence and an atmosphere of safety.
As my personal level of relaxation deepened, I felt as though I was drifting towards sleep.  I could still hear Clare’s clear instructions as she guided me through the procedure.  When the session came to its conclusion, I was sorry that it had finished, but felt fully relaxed.  I look forward to my next hypnotherapy appointment.
Thank you, Clare, for such an enlightening experience.

I was lucky enough to be one of Clare’s guinea pigs when she was learning to be a clinical hypnotherapist 😊 Clare made me feel at ease, the environment was beautiful and very relaxed. Clare made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience... I’m looking forward to getting the full works now that her new business is up and running. M.E.

I was happy to agree to help Clare to practise her skills because she is such an open and caring person. I had not known her long but the passion she showed to do this was tangible. She has a calm and soothing voice and was very sensitive to ensuring I was fully comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole session. I have no doubt that she will be amazing at this. S.L.

I want to thank you so much. I genuinely think the whole experience you have given me has been incredibly moving, something that I never thought that I would get out of simply wanting to stop a habit. I would 100% recommend the process to anyone I know. The appointments showed me a part of life that I could never have imagined being real or possible.  As cliché as it sounds, I really see this as being life changing. I can't thank you enough for how much you have helped me, above and beyond what I initially got in contact with you for. I think a lot of other people could really benefit from the therapy that you gave. Thank you so much, and hope to see you in the future, when my nails are fully grown :) HL